View Full Version : Questions about a fresh fedora install on ibook

22nd February 2005, 06:17 AM
I just installed fedora on my ibook using an NFS install. . .worked GREAT, it even configured yaboot to boot right into fedora (which is great because last time it just left me booting to nothing, I could only boot osx from openfirmware). SO I configured it to let me boot OSX and updated everything.
The default kernel works great, I cant get any kernels in the 2.6.10 tree to boot, for some reason they freeze at cups. . . anyone seen that? I am going to disable cups and try to boot but I assume there is more to the problem than that.
For some reason it doesn't detect my soundcard since I updated, I don't know if it worked before but I didn't get the error on boot. . . any ideas on how to solve that?
Other than that I love the fact that fedora runs almost as well on my mac as on my desktop, I am now running FC3 on my personal desktop at work, my home computer, and my laptop.
I just wish I could get 1024x768 resolution working and the airport extreme(which I understand is only a dream at this point due to lack of specs being released) :(

If anyone can help, thanks in advance.

22nd February 2005, 07:04 AM
Oh wow, so it seems 1024x768 DOES work, I just configured it and it worked I used LCD Panel 1024x768 which did not work earlier today so either the kernel update or the xorg update fixed that. Also I got the new kernel to boot after I removed all the unnecesary services, but I still get that damn soundcard error.
I also think its funny that the gnome desktop loads so fast now that I am in it before the fedora splash window that laods the services goes away.