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11th February 2005, 09:06 AM

I currently have two hardrives:
Primary Master: 80gb hdd (Windows XP)
Secondary Master: 80gb hdd (Fedora Core 3)

While installing Fedora i chose grub boot loader and saved it on 'hda' being my XP drive.
When pc is restarted grub loads and I see both OS and windows XP set on default.

As my linux hardrive is in a removal hardrive bay, meaning i can pull it out of pc and put into another, when i remove it and boot computer i get an error along the lines of:
'grub bootloader hdd error' and Windows XP doesnt load.

I decided to return back to normal, FIXMBR in XP and reinstalled Fedora. This time i chose no boot loader during installation. Windows XP loads fine but now i have no way to boot Fedora.

I am looking for a boot disk where I can insert into any computer along with the hardrive and it will boot up Fedora.

What would be the best option for my situation? Install a boot loader on the linux hdd? This would solve the issue of booting on another computer but as my Windows XP hdd is a Primary master It will load XP first...

Hope someone can help me :D

Thanks and sorry about the long post
- Patrick

12th February 2005, 01:25 AM
Get a "third-party" boot manager - there are proprietary (you pay for them) and FOSS versions and make sure it installs to the non-removable drive.

The reason GRUB barfed on you is pretty simple: since you'd removed the Linux disk, GRUB didn't "know" what to do - it's boot instructions are on that disk...

12th February 2005, 01:32 AM
Try this advice: