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20th January 2005, 09:10 PM
This is a bit basic - when I click on Menu - Network Servers I get a little box come up with a little icon of a network called Windows Network.
What is this doing on my FC2 ?
I can only think a) I am loading my windows disk on startup so it appears in mnt and can browse it (read-only)
b) The router between my PC and the outside world is somehow a 'windows network'

When I double clikc this Windows Network there is nothing there. Could someone tell me what it is? Has someone 'made' my PC part of their Windows network? This is really weird.

20th January 2005, 09:55 PM
Mine does the same thing. I have a Cable modem connected to a linksys router. The router is then connected to my desktop FC3 box and also to my laptop also running FC3. My guess is that the software on my linksys router is windows based. I would also appreciate any light that can be shed on this.