View Full Version : Fedora alternate DEs cannot access /home on another linux

22nd June 2018, 07:16 AM
Hi all,
I enjoy using multiple linux distros and desktops, but also need to get things done. My main system is currently set up as Calculate Linux with a separate /home partition, Fedora Cinnamon, and a third linux. Fedora Cinnamon can access this other /home partition and use that data by simply giving the root password. Openbox is installed, apparently by default, along with Cinnamon and i would like to learn it as well. However, when i logout of Cinnamon and log into Fedora OB i can no longer access this /home partition of my main distro. It says "access denied." If i switch to root everything not Fedora disappears.

I've read "somewhere" i need to add Fedora OB to my .xintric, but even if true, i don't know how to do so, or even which distro's .xintric.

A little guidance please? Whether by instruction or reference to appropriate wikis, anything will be helpful. Many thanks.