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11th January 2005, 05:51 PM
Fedora is a experimental bleeding-edge distro. That means, that you try new stuff and see if it works.
Why not add ReiserFS 4 into Disk Druid as a file system option?
It's very fast, and very stable by now.

# Reiser4 is the fastest filesystem, and here are the benchmarks. (http://www.namesys.com/benchmarks.html)
# Reiser4 is an atomic filesystem, which means that your filesystem operations either entirely occur, or they entirely don't, and they don't corrupt due to half occuring. We do this without significant performance losses, because we invented algorithms to do it without copying the data twice.
# Reiser4 uses dancing trees, which obsolete the balanced tree algorithms used in databases (see farther down). This makes Reiser4 more space efficient than other filesystems because we squish small files together rather than wasting space due to block alignment like they do. It also means that Reiser4 scales better than any other filesystem. Do you want a million files in a directory, and want to create them fast? No problem.
# Reiser4 is based on plugins, which means that it will attract many outside contributors, and you'll be able to upgrade to their innovations without reformatting your disk. If you like to code, you'll really like plugins....
# Reiser4 is architected for military grade security. You'll find it is easy to audit the code, and that assertions guard the entrance to every function.

12th January 2005, 05:51 AM
This has been suggested time and time again here in the forums - why don't you go suggest it to the Fedora devlopers instead? We (the FF administrators and moderators) are not the Fedora developers - we just keep things running and clean around this place...