View Full Version : /etc/screenrc takes away the status information I need

7th March 2018, 02:45 PM

I am using Fedora 27 Server edition. I don't know if Workstation and other editions have the same screenrc file or not. I noticed when using GNU screen that when I want to know some status information - primarily which window I am viewing - I don't get anything showing up at the bottom line.

If I had a few windows in a session, say 4, I could press CTRL+A and "9" and I would get a list of windows because 9 was an invalid number. Later I learned that CTRL+A and "w" does the same thing without having to choose a number higher than the window count.

I can restore functionality by moving /etc/screenrc out, and creating an empty file in its place. There is a lot of stuff in there (https://pastebin.com/dNhmVLgH). Anyone know what line is causing this loss of functionality?