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25th February 2018, 07:58 PM
Not sure which forum is best for this question, but I've been unable to build VeraCrypt from source using the directions at SourceForge.

Starting with the KDE version on F27, the failures begin with in inability to install wxWidgets-static (using dnfdragora?) where the build*linux.sh file can find it. I'm not even sure I'm matching the correct library! (/partial-rant>because the instructions are seemingly incomplete...</partial-rant>

Or maybe I'm just too old to remember how to assign an environment variable or to recognize that the instructions are telling me to do that.

Either way, is there a set of instructions that is more clear hidden somewhere? Is there a version of Veracrypt already packaged in that handy-dandy .rpm form for simple-minded fedora users available in some magically complete repo somewhere?

Or should I install the development environment that comes along with, say, eclipse-C++ or something like that?


27th February 2018, 02:00 PM
Recently I wrote an rpm package for this utility. Maybe my notes will help: https://bgstack15.wordpress.com/2017/12/23/veracrypt-rpm-for-fedora/. Looking through my patch shows it doesn't change any code. Maybe you're just missing an important -devel package. I am not sure I ever saw the Sourceforge instructions.

You can see all of my files: https://github.com/bgstack15/veracrypt-rpm

The spec is buried in there at usr/share/veracrypt/build/veracrypt.spec (https://github.com/bgstack15/veracrypt-rpm/https://github.com/bgstack15/veracrypt-rpm/blob/master/usr/share/veracrypt/build/veracrypt.spec). Also you should check out https://github.com/bgstack15/veracrypt-rpm/blob/master/usr/share/doc/veracrypt/REFERENCES.txt which points to the official github instructions for veracrypt.

27th February 2018, 04:43 PM
Ah, thanks, bgstack. I'll check out those links.