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11th January 2005, 05:17 AM
I have been working on a solution to keep all my electronic data organized and this is what I came up with.. It can work on all filesystems (I think)..

What I have done is create one folder in my home directory called Shared (It can be whatever you want really.. )
And then underneath that directory I create subdirectories for each possible catagory of data I am going to collect or need to have..

01 Documents
02 Spreadsheets
03 Graphics
04 Music
05 Movies
06 Software
07 Programming
08 Misc

You can also follow the same method for creating subdirectories under the folders..

I really needed this with my windose machine since you can files literally ALL OVER the machine.. So, I consolidated and put them into catagories..
I have done this with my folks machine and they seem to be happier with using thier computer..

Hope this helps.. :cool:

11th January 2005, 06:33 AM
To expand on your idea, I would create a seperate partition of type vfat so that Linux and Windows can both write to it.

In Windows, this is designated a data partition. I would use the 'Junction' command of Win2k/XP/2003 to create a link from C:\Docs\$user\My Documents to the $Data_drive. Any docs I save in Windows get saved on the Data partition automatically.

In Linux, I would through a symbolic link within the /home/$user space so it points to the Data partition. Of course, you need to add the Data partition to fstab and mount it.

Just an alternative for ones running Win/Linux on the same machine.

11th January 2005, 09:24 PM
Good idea, but I was making this simple for newbies and people like me who are disorganized..

11th January 2005, 09:48 PM
you should split data that is unimportant/easy to get it reproducted and simply large, from your documents and projects... mostly for backup purposes (you don't really need to backup your Madonna MP3 collection every week). I have things organized like:

/home/e <- my home dir
/home/e/bin <- my binaries, scripts etc.
/home/e/doc <- my documents (like office, html etc - mostly writings and so on)
/home/e/devel <- spec files, scripts, my programs etc.
/home/e/mail <- obvious...
/home/e/tmp <- usually junk - all download and things I am working shortly on reside here
/home/e/www <- my websites and stuff I am working at go here - this is actually imported via NFS from dedicated home server...

also all my settings (despite of firefox and gimp cache and some thumbnailing applications - this goes to /tmp as I don't need to backup tons of cache-junk) are also stored in dotfiles inside my home. to backup I simply tar | bzip2 my entire /home/e and I am done :) everyday I do backup to server (one package each day), every week I burn one such package to CD... when I am with laptop in my work I also tend to backup to my server there to have multiple copies :)

now for unimportant/big/shared/easly reproducted stuff (such like movies, iso images, tarballs, rpms music etc.) I have additional partition (/media/magazyn) - the permissions for this are such that other users of this machine can also read those files - and I don't need to backup it since it is all soewhere...

12th January 2005, 03:51 AM
Here is a screenshot of how I organise my stuff... maybe it'll help someone out there. I love the way you can assign a little icon to each folder easily in Gnome too!



Neil. :)

12th January 2005, 04:06 AM
u know, i'm a fully mess person, this is a good tip :p

12th January 2005, 08:35 AM
heh I don't understand why you use long directory names starting with uppercase character... :) dont you use shell?

as for data organization I find it usefull to kind of reproduce "/" layout (especially directories /bin /tmp and some additional of me) in my home dir :)

12th January 2005, 08:42 AM
I try to keep it as simple as I can:
[imdeemvp@myfc3 ~]$ ls
5a_1_b.JPG LimeWire
all-20041107 linuxstuff
all-20041107.tar.bz2 memo_file
bookmarksfc3.html misc
Desktop MyPilot
gdesk my_xorg_in_FC3.abw
gDesklets-0.31 Payoff Letter To PCS.abw
gtk-gnutella-downloads Screenshot-1.png
HP256PC2700DDR.jpg Screenshot.png
Incomplete Shared
[imdeemvp@myfc3 ~]$