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9th December 2017, 12:10 PM

Having returned to Mate from KDE (dreadful experience - didn't like the KDE tools at all
except the file manager "dolphin") all of the applicatons such as Firefox, pluma, Mate
Terminal, Caja etc., seem to be set up for the visually impared. The fonts are huge and unwieldy.

I have clicked about, not knowing what I was doing with System->Preferences->Look&Feel but
to no avail. I am able to change the font size for the text of (e.g.) pluma but not the
size of File Edit View ... Help etc.; ditto for the line beneith : Open Save .. Even the
icons are large

I last used Mate with F23 and I found it a "nice" desktop; I didn't have to do anything other
than use the Window Manager.

I have had a but of a tour on the Mate website but I was unable to find anythig useful. I feel
sure that the correction to this issue of the "unwieldy" presentation is simple and is probably
only a click or two away from a solution.

As an aside is it possible to "split" the view in Caja as it is in Dolphin ?

Lastly, for what it might be worth, KDE was just too sensitive (touch pad, mouse and kbd)
on a ASUS ZenBook UA390U. However, with Mate the interaction provides for a "nice" experience.
The response time with Mate is twice or thrice as quick as it was with KDE (with 16GB RAM)

Kind regards. :

13th September 2018, 08:08 PM
Yes, I know nothing of Dolphin, but I believe that this is the same...

open caja
select view pulldown
click Extra Pane


13th September 2018, 09:16 PM
As an aside is it possible to "split" the view in Caja as it is in Dolphin ?

Yes. Press the F3 key.

21st September 2018, 08:42 PM
Yes. Press the F3 key.

Wow, thank you. Life saver. Also former KDE user, but now longtime Mate user.