View Full Version : F27 on Efi: xfce will not load grapical env

2nd December 2017, 07:58 PM
Hey guys,

I have fedora 27 xfce spin. I installed using EFI.

After install reboot, I see teh grub menu, i see the loading services (the list oft hings being loaded up in text ), i see the plymouth/fedora logo loading, and then for a second the graphical env loads and then turns black. I cant do ctrl+f2.

i tried doing a chroot from the live media, doing fnd update and even installing nvidia drivers, but it all gets down to the same problem.

any ideas?

2nd December 2017, 09:41 PM
... I cant do ctrl+f2. ...
I'm not familiar with xfce, but ctrl+alt+F3 will bring up a console with gnome. Additional consoles can be switched to, as ctlr+alt+F4, etc. ctrl+alt+F1 takes you back to the graphical desktop, and ctrl+alt+F2 brings up the graphical login screen. If you can get to a console, and grab the output from "inxi -Fxmz" and post it as per:
maybe your hardware specs will help find the problem.