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1st December 2017, 05:24 AM
Anaconda is my favourite installation program. Its not quite intuitive, but the design concept is great.
Never-the-less, it has some quirks that need addressing. These quirks are mostly cosmetic. The following is my ideas for making anaconda more people friendly.

When Anaconda is launched...

On startup -- first screen

After confirming installation language, a disk scan takes place without any indication that it is happening. it could take many minutes before the scan of the disks on the userís system completes. What is required is a courtesy message stating ďPlease wait, the disks are being scanned!

JustificationÖ With 5 disks and multiple Linux installations on these 5 disks, scanning requires many minutes. I now wait 2 plus minutes for 5 disks, At one time I had to wait 7 minutes for the scan and analysis to complete.

Localisation Page (Map page).

The time zone is one hour off. From my IP address and the internal CPU clock, the correct zone could be determined. If I was in Vancouver or California, timewise, I would be located in the middle of the Pacific.

Installation Destination Screen

The full disk summary, a clickable line at the very bottom of the screen, should be moved up and to the right of [Add a disk], When you install Fedora on more than one disk, and each disk has free space, that summary serves for defining which of the disks selected is to be the boot drive. It does not help with the configuration . I choose disk A and disk B, Both A and B have free space, but Disk A has files that I want to access from the B-disk Linux. Anaconda will make the wrong choice. I have to not include disk A, but add disk A, post boot.

If your Linux uses files on several disks, and you forget to select one of them after selecting the compusary four, you canít add it without anaconda clearing out the selection and having you go through that setup a second time. If I do a setup on Disk A but then after that selection I want to add DiskB. Anaconda wipes out my previous selection. It should not, for reason mentioned above. Really frustrating.

Manual Partitioning Screen

On entry, we have the line to create the partitioning automatically, and further beneath that line is the format selection for LVM, Standard, btrfs, etc. These two actions should be reversed. Let me first choose my partition and then how I want partitioning to be done.

Linux command line has a spurious message.

Anaconda generates an warning error message at 1270. Something about size being zero.

Other than the above. Anaconda is very easy to use.

Antikythera, This entry is not a rant, its only ideas for cosmetic improvements. Bugzilla does not allow me to post recommendations. so hopefully, AW will read them and forward same to the developers.

1st December 2017, 06:57 AM
Moved to Installation.

1st December 2017, 08:45 AM
hopefully, AW will read them and forward same to the developers.

If you want Adam to read something considered constructive feedback, why not contact him or better yet the developers concerned with anaconda about it? the chances of Adam reading this here are slim to nil.