View Full Version : About GUI for wget & curl & their integration with firefox quantum

29th November 2017, 07:56 PM

1) is there a GUI for cURL ? If yes, then can you, kindly, name the package ?

2) does cURL a downloader only or downloader + download accelerator ?

3) does wget a downloader only or downloader + download accelerator ?

4) regarding wget: it has nice GUI called Gwget which available in Fedora repositories. But there is problem regarding it's integration with firefox: to integrate it with firefox we have 2 options:

- use FlahGot add-on for firefox. But unfortunately it is not available yet for firefox 57+

- use of official add-on. Please see following link:

however, it seem that the project is out of development since last update is dated to 19 / Oct. / 2009 ......

My question here: is this firefox extension valid for firefox 57+ ? & how can I use (install) it after downloading it ?

5) do you know an alternative to FlashGot add-on that could be used to integrate Gwget + uGet to firefox ?