View Full Version : usb flash drive os doesn't see correct size

26th November 2017, 03:16 PM
I insert a 32G flash drive in my linux box. The system sees the correct size (32G), including fdisk and gparted. When I eject that flash drive, and insert a different size disk - 8G - the system still sees a 32G disk. Again both fdisk and gparted show the size as 32G. If i dd a file to the drive,and then eject and re-insert the disk, the system still reports a 32G drive, but it also won't mount one of the partitions on the flash disk. When I reboot the box, then the system will see the correct size of the flash disk, but that size now is persistent throughout changes of the disk. Similarly, if I insert the flash disk into a different box, it will (at first) see the correct size, but that size will become presistent. Note that is appears to only be persistent when the disk is loaded as the same device (eg, /dev/sdh always).

I have search for the and found many similar issues, but none of them seem to fix this on my systems. Nor do any of those suggestions adequately describe what this is happening.

I hope someone has seen this problem and could tell me what is happening, as well as a possible fix.

FWIW: I am running an up-to-date F25, trying to copy the Fedora 27 arm image to a flash disk. While an image will start to boot (reading from the boot partition), it fails when trying to mount the root partition.