View Full Version : Mock is now working again -- as long as you follow Brian Lane's work-around.

26th November 2017, 12:04 AM
For months mock was not working. I would like to report that mock is now functioning and I successfully put together a custom Fedora 27 xfce4 iso.

This time I followed the fedora wiki (instead of the lorax wiki): https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Livemedia-creator-_How_to_create_and_use_a_Live_CD

Just make sure you add "--old-chroot" as an option when you go into the mock shell as you see in the following command:

$ mock -r fedora-27-x86_64 --old-chroot --shell

This is the work-around that Brian Lane (he's evidently in charge of the lorax livemedia-creator program) suggested in the mock bug-report that was recently closed due to Fedora 25 End of Life.

It would perhaps be beneficial to the community if others commented on their experience rolling a custom fedora iso using mock. I believe the Lorax wiki is a bit too convoluted and I have found that the outcome is less than perfect (errors thrown). It is true, however, that Lorax wiki does a better job of explaining how to get, flatten and modify the kickstart file.

I am not sure why this work-around is not mentioned in any of the Livemedia-Creator wikis -- but without it you will probably waste a lot of time trying to create an iso within mock.