View Full Version : I cant install Linux Fedora on my laptop(Dual boot)

22nd November 2017, 09:49 PM
Hi. I was trying to install Windows 10 and Linux fedora 27 on my laptop(msi ge62 6qd)
I installed Windows 10 first without problems, but now I cant install fedora.

I downloaded the fedora's live ISO from the official page, and tried to install it with an USB.

First, I run my PC from the USB using the boot menu:

I selected live mode, and then this message appeared:

But it was gone, and fedora was started. I tried it some time, and then I installed it.
I selected my Hard Disk:

And I did the partitions:

Then I installed it normally. When it finished, I restarted the computer but this message appeared:

I had to force shut down the PC. I can enter normally in windows 10, but when I try to open fedora, it freezes and I have to force shut down. I tried reinstalling 3-4 times, but It was the same case. What can I do?