View Full Version : FC27 - installation target disk "already mounted"

21st November 2017, 09:20 PM
Hello guys,

I am installing FC27 (fresh), via a USB stick with Live-Workstation, in a laptop (Vaio Z), which had FC25 on for a while.
This laptop has a hardware raid 1 across 2x 256GB SSD's.

When choosing Custom Layout (I want to keep the old encrypted partition untouched), then when "-" 'ing the swap and / partitions, and re-creating them (even using several different sizes), all seems to work, but when I click on "Done" , it comes up with an error orange bar at the bottom, and clicking on that yields a dialog with the message:

/dev/md/Volume0_0p1 is currently mounted and cannot be used for the installation, Please unmount and retry.

Opening a terminal and trying to unmount that is of course pointless, as it is not mounted that I can see.
the command "mount" yields a bunch of stuff, but nothing to do with the raid partitions.

Any ideas ?

21st November 2017, 09:40 PM
By the way, I am installing now a fresh FC25 from the iso's I got at home, and it worked fine, and passed the Disk Configuration (Custom Partitioning) with flying colors.

I will then install fedup and upgrade to FC27. However, I will keep testing to fresh-install FC27 to see if this problem disappears.