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20th November 2017, 02:02 PM
Hi guys!

Where I am working, we do have a nasty supervisor. The man has restrained all access so that we can copy any file to our Memory card or SD. Sometimes I don't have internet connection at my computer, and I have no way to withdraw my files, copy them in my SD and work on it to an other computer at home. Please, help with the process that I can use to copy things to my SD card. I know nothing about fedora, I am only a simple user. But my supervisor, I've already seen typing one line of code and copying things to his SD Card from my desktop;


20th November 2017, 02:21 PM
there's a reason for that. client confidentiality and data security management. if it were allowed, you'd be able to do it. sd cards and thumb drives are misplaced all the time which leads to data theft even if you personally don't have malicious reasons for wanting to take work data home.

furthermore, it is common practice in many companies and your supervisor may have to enforce the rule at the behest of his senior manager so don't shoot the messenger. a lot of companies disable usb ports and card readers. anyone caught knowingly removing data from systems via removable media or over the internet without authorisation can be ultimately be fired and in some instances prosecuted if proven to be passing this information on for personal profit.

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