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19th November 2017, 09:21 PM
I have 2 dedicated machines which I use for testing and verification. Both are identical, MB= GA-Z97X-UD3H with Intel I7-4790K processors, 32 GB of main memory with Kingwin KF-1002-BK Hot Swap Rack units for inserting various OS disks;
Win 7 Pro; Win 10 Pro; Win 10 Pro Insider Preview; Fedora; CentOS and don't have any problems with any of them.

I have just started to upgrade my existing Fedora 26 disks from F26 to F27 and have run into a serious issue:
Following the instructions to upgrade, (command line) everything completes, however my Mapped NAS connections are no longer reachable!
I have Buffalo Linkstation units and since I figured out how to map the NAS Shares, have not had any problems either with Fedora (Through F26 and CentOS through 7.4) but all of a sudden, the upgraded F27 (AND the remaining F26 drives) will no longer mount the shares.
I have the mount folders created in /mnt as /mnt/Linux, /mnt/kstart/ and mnt/nasDload with owner:group as slwelch:slwelch.
The shares have been entered into /etc/fstab as:
//192.168.1.xx/Linux /mnt/Linux cifs rw,uid=slwelch,gid=slwelch,credentials=/root/.nasCredentials 0 0
(& the same for kstart and nasDload)
The credentials file contains the username and password and is not visible and has been set to 600 file permissions (ONLY reachable by root)
When I try to manually mount the shares, I get the following error:
mount error(112): Host is down.
Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs)
NOTE: the shares are reachable by the other PCs in my NW as well as the CentOS systems.
When I use the 'Files' utility, I can get to
+ Other Locations
And it shows my Buffalo shares and I can navigate to them and get files and everything.
Once more, for several releases of Fedora, I have not has a single problem with these shares.

Can anybody help me to get this corrected!

19th November 2017, 09:23 PM
Please note, the mapped NIS Connections should read mapped NAS Connections.