View Full Version : F27 & Firefox 57 HTML Select Menus Not Working

17th November 2017, 04:23 AM

I have upgraded two machines to F27 plus the most recent updates which got me Firefox 57.

When surfing the web, I have discovered that I cannot simply click on HTML select drop down menus on web based forms. They don't work anymore. I have to use the arrow keys on my keyboard to toggle through the list.

I am talking about this type of drop down: https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml_select

With Firefox 57 installed on my Windows based computes; the HTML Select Menus work as expected.

Is anyone else seeing this? And, who would I file a bug report to about this.... Fedora or Mozilla?

17th November 2017, 07:15 AM
Drop down menu is working fine here. Try creating a new Firefox profile and see if it works.