View Full Version : Touchpad, horizontal speed

16th November 2017, 12:07 PM
I tested a liveUSB of F27 and the touchpad was not responding correctly, I thought this was just an odity of the liveUSB performance. I then dropped back into my normal F26 and ran a full update to prepair for an upgrade to F27. The same thing happened after an update (but without an upgrade to F27) . The horizontal speed of the touch pad seems is slower than the vertical. First of all I started missing clicks I was going for I was under estimating the slow down. If I draw a circle with my finger on the touch pad, it draws a very elongated oval on the screen with the cursor. It seems to be an update, but I cannot igure out how to fix it, or even what is causing it so that I can do a bug report. Help?!