View Full Version : Stuck at ttyl - now what

12th November 2017, 10:41 PM
3 days ago i installed Fedora 26 on my surface pro 4 with 128gb ssd.
Everything worked perfect, but suddenly today i stuck in ttyl.
I just turned on my surface, and just before the login screen i stuck in ttyl.
No errors no nothing just black screen with ttyl.

I was looking for solution on the internet on my tablet for about 3 hours and i gave up.
So i just reinstalled fedora completly, because all solutions didint helped me.

What should i do next time this happens? Is there any log file, so i can find out what is messed up?
Is there any documentation about this? Some rescue solution.

I also would like to clone my whole ssd drive with fedora on external usb, just like acronis can do that with windows.
How can i do that?