View Full Version : Plugable bluetooth usb not operational in fedora 26

4th November 2017, 05:56 PM
Dear Fedora experts

Recently a Plugable Bluetooth USB adapter has bought. Should work with windows and linux.No problems with sending files between pc with windows 10 and Samsung J3.phone. Fedora 26 to recognizes the bluetooth item and connect to the phone. The phone itself indeed shows the connection to the pc. However if a file is sent from pc to phone an error message occurs " The connection tot Samsung J3" has failed. Reversely from phone tot pc the same occurs.

Looking at my network configuration the wifi connection is visible and operational. The phone Samsung J3 is visible under the bluetooth header. Clicking the bluetooth connecion an error occurs " Connection don't have the setting gsm" . Clicking this error then additional information is given " Failed to get secrets".

" Secrets" mean to me password, pincode simcode etc. I have no idea why it is needed.

In addition the system continues making connection with the phone but replies anytime :" Connection failed" or " Connection time out".

Is there anybody who can help and suggest me what to do ?

Thanks in advance

12th November 2017, 12:49 PM
The problem has been solved. The settings using by fedora or by windows during bluetooth operation are different. Switch off the windows connection makes the fedora connection working. The Plugable Bluetooth USB adapter operates indeed both for linux as windows.