View Full Version : Resized partition - how to fix file system size

1st November 2017, 10:35 PM
I have an ext4 partition that I have just resized using lvreduce, from 394G to 373G.

t looks like the resize went flawlessly(there is very little data there at this point, I am tweaking a new install). But here is what I get in df -hT:

/dev/mapper/fedora-home ext4 394G 609M 373G 1% /home

The free space is correct! But the total size is the old one. How do I fix the size of the file system?

EDIT: turns out I should have used the -r option. As it happened, apparently no data was lost because there was so little data on the partition. So I extended the partition back using lvextend, and *then* could resize the file system using resize2fs. All fixed - if mods delete thread that's ok too :)