View Full Version : Understanding VPN client options

1st November 2017, 10:20 PM
Hi, I have a fedora26 desktop and would like to use a VPN to browse
the Internet. What are my options? Do I need to connect to a VPN
server service which then proxies my request to the remote site?

Are any of the "free" VPN services legit, or do they all do it in
exchange for something like either privacy or some browser plugin
that's required?

The client VPN documentation available with the fedora25 docs is confusing:

Where is this "Super key"?

I know how to use Settings->Network to "Add a VPN" but I don't have an endpoint.

1st November 2017, 11:57 PM
If I understand your question, you want to get a VPN service, then connect to their server. As for the free ones, you can probably google reviews of any of them that seem interesting, and see what people say. My (cursory) impression is that if one is using a VPN, they should pay for it.

This is different than creating your own, which might be, for example, where you would log in from outside to your home machine's network, using a VPN and using that home made VPN to browse your home network.

Assuming you want to browse the Internet without your ISP or anyone else being able to follow you, you probably want the first option. Creating a VPN on your home machine won't keep all your Interent browsing private.

2nd November 2017, 12:10 AM
Fedora 27 has a VPN tab on the system menu (top right above logonid, It might be worth exploring F27 beta