View Full Version : [SOLVED] evolution sort, delete, and abort problems

1st November 2017, 05:24 PM
Evolution sorting emails by clicking on the date column isn't working for me. Neither is right clicking on the column heading and specifying sort by date. Clicking does something - the email order changes, but not correctly.

Every first of the month, I manually clean out a certain folder (save-30-days). However, today, I notice the sort is broken, and also that folder has some old stuff in it that should have been deleted a couple of months ago. I suspect the sort has been broken for a while, and I didn't notice it.

Evolution has also been aborting just about every evening when I close it and log out of the desktop - something about a zero length string and the address book, which I don't use. So maybe something got corrupted. But sorting on a date is pretty basic.

Anyone notice similar problems?

Additional info:
The folder is local, on my machine.

1st November 2017, 09:21 PM
The problem was that View / Group By Threads was selected. That option is specific to each folder. I haven't been using evolution that long, so maybe I just didn't notice the sort anomaly before this.