View Full Version : Nvidia 384.90 on Fedora 26 (KDE) and Bad Performance

1st November 2017, 01:59 PM

I manage some communities, servers and write plugins for Left 4 Dead 2 and lately, the game has begun to become unplayable. I have a GTX 960, i5 4690K, 16GB of memory and Fedora 26 sits on the only 256GB SSD in the system. I play on Fedora 26 and have to lower my settings and suffer what is almost an unplayable experience and on the very same machine, if I dual boot into Windows 7, I can play on extremely high settings and it's perfect.

I have a triple monitor setup, mostly dual with the third off and with or without the compositor, with a dual or single monitor, with Nouveau, the RPM Fusion or Negativo's 17 driver, performance is horrid each and every time. It's reached the point of unacceptable and lately I've been booting more and more into Windows and it's upsetting it's coming to this. I just can't manage to get a "good" experience although since 22/23 it's been fine. Something changed lately in 26 and it's dogging me and I can't figure it out.

I installed OpenBox, logged out and back into an OpenBox session and it's the same result. I look at the FPS with net_graph 4 (in L4D2) in the game and the frames are at 200+ to 300 constantly and yet it still feels unplayable. I don't trust Windows with any of my data, I do all my work and development in Fedora and I'm reaching a point of frustration I've never really reached before. Fedora has been awesomely great at almost everything I need it to do but this I need more than anything else and it's killing me.

What's going on? Did something change? Is there a fix?

13th November 2017, 05:02 AM
Almost 2 weeks have gone by and not a peep. Everything worked great on 25. If anything, very rarely the game may crash but overall, performance was great and the mic never disappeared. The mic works in every other app when this happens, it'll just stop working in game, in fact, trying to then reconfigure it in game and it's basically (bruh, you don't have a mic).

I've managed to somehow tweak the game to play at extremely high settings again but switching from map to map or something can cause it (and chances are stupid high), to cause the game to lag to something that feels like negative 60 fps. I just have to reboot the game at this point. So many problems, what has changed and is there any fixes out there for anything going on here?