View Full Version : Workstation 26 installation removed Windows boot option

29th October 2017, 01:50 PM
Weird behavior: first install worked except for video driver issue I noted in another post. The grub-config had my Windows partition identified and bootable. When attempting to correct the video problem, I ended up having to re-install. In so doing I reclaimed the SSD space from the first Fedora partition. That's the only thing I did, did not touch anything else. When the reinstall was complete, grub-config did *not* identify the Windows partition and it was not listed on the boot options upon startup. Remaking the grub config did not solve the problem; it was not seeing the Windows partition. I think the windows partition got un-mounted somehow, but I didn't have the energy to figure out how to get it re-mounted during boot.

GTX 1060/Intel on a Win 10 system. The SSD is 512 GB, whatever the base model is that Gigabyte puts on their laptops.