View Full Version : [SOLVED] KDE Task Switcher stuck on Breeze?

23rd October 2017, 01:09 AM

On two of my machines, KDE's task switcher seems to be stuck on "Breeze". I have changed it to "Cover Switch" in the KDE System Settings, but when I hold Alt and press Tab, I get the "Breeze" default anyway.

On a third machine it works exactly as expected. Does anyone know how I can set about fixing this? Thanks in advance!

Added in update: Turns out that some of the alternates actually work on this machine -- large icons, grid, some others -- but not Cover Switch. So I feel I'm missing some sort of option.

23rd October 2017, 01:51 AM
That turned out to be the problem. Under "Display and Monitor" the "Compositor" was set to "XRender". Changing to "OpenGL 3.1" enabled at least "Cover Switch".