View Full Version : [SOLVED] To install or not, on a new motherboard

14th October 2017, 01:12 AM
Hello everyone,

I just purchased a new motherboard and am going to exchange my

I'm going to exchange my motherboard for a bigger/better/faster one and I'm trying to figure out whether I should reinstall everything.
The manufacturer is the same, only the specs are different.

I'd really not like to because it took me a lot of time to get the software just the way it is now and I really like it.

So do I essentially have to reinstall my OSes or can I just plug my hard drives in and go?


14th October 2017, 01:21 AM
I believe that your fedora or other os will be able to work fine with a new motherboard. Backup your hard drive and then attach it to the motherboard.

In the past, I cloned my fedora/arch linux system onto a new linux box with a different motherboard and a different cpu and different memory sticks. I had no problem running the new system -- and it has been running for the past 5 years.

I know Windows won't work on a new system -- that's because Microsoft wants to prevent clones (which to them means lost revenue). Fedora and other Linux GNU distributions don't mind how many times you clone their OS. They are, after all, open source.

14th October 2017, 01:48 AM
I just heaved a sigh of relief.
I'll just reinstall Windows then. I'm not too worried about that because I haven't spent any time in Windows.