View Full Version : Cannot write to sdb (second drive)

10th October 2017, 08:09 PM
Please ignore this post. I've just solved it myself and have sucessfully changed the permissions on the drive. Don't quite know how I had missed the interface where you do that but I'm very new to fedora. I chose fedora for its stability, no nonsence interface and (hopefully) infrequent pushing of unnesesary updates.

"Fedora 26 installed recently. Using sda for OS and aps, and one tetrabyte sdb for storage. Formatted sdb into two partitions. Mounts and unmounts it but I cannot write to it. It tells me only root can do this. I need to write files/folders to sdb regularly as user and admin for video editing. Even if I could figure out how to do this in the terminal (suggested on some forums) it wouldn't be appropriate as I need easy, instant access. In the past Ubuntu, Lnux Mint and Centos (tried briefly) all gave full permissions for sdb off the bat when 0S installed. Appreciate help. John"