View Full Version : network blocking boot !

9th October 2017, 01:16 AM
I just updated my laptop from Fed 24 to Fed 25 and then from 25 to 26. ( note I do not say upgraded because I no longer have a computer).

40s into the boot process it it gets stuck in an indefinite loop waiting for the network to connect.

ADDRCONF (NETDEV_UP):wlp3s0: link is not ready

his seems to be a recurrent problem with Fedora going back to at least 2007 in various forms.

Normally I would use Alt-F2 to get a console log in but if I do this, after about 3 seconds it flips back to the boot console, This effectively makes it impossible to log in and I have no access computer.

Since there is no wifi network this renders the system useless.

Why does anyone assume that a network connection is a pee-requisite to boot a PC ?

Can I have my computer back please ?

Thanks for any tips on sorting out this mess.

PS I tried editing the GRUB entry from the boot menu to add ipv6.disable=1 , this changes the messages a little but I still see:

ip_set : protocol6
iwlwifi 0000.03.00.0: Radio type ...................... etc.

Essentially the same state grabbing the console every 3s , BROKEN.