View Full Version : cross platform la\arus

4th October 2017, 11:53 AM

I have a small lazarus project I want to build for win64 using my Fedora 26.

I have an alpha lashup which buiilds and runs on Fed26. I now need to sort out cross compiling.

This seems to be well supported in Lazarus but seem to require some fiddling. In particular it seems that I need to download source files for both fcp and lazarus and rebuild locally to get the cross compiled versions of fpc, fpc units and GTK etc.

However, since this seems like it's going to take a fair amount of digging around and work to get it set up I wanted to make sure that I'm not missing the easy option and making a lot of work for myself.

Are there any Fedora packages that I can install or does Fed only give me the vanilla native target build options?

Thanks for any help on this.