View Full Version : Fedora 26 - network is not set up

29th September 2017, 09:46 AM
Hi, i have double boot Windows 7 and Fedora 26. network works (is connected) in Windows 7, but when i go to Fedora 26 it does not work. i am using Internet via the Internet provider, who offers PPPOE-connection. in order to setup such connection i used the command "nm-connection-editor", then i had chosen DSL-connection, entered login and password that were given by the Internet-provider. then i went to Gnom Settings->Network and tried to turn on (switch on) the DSL-connection, and this connection is refused (is not setup) that is crashes out. it does not say anything (no error messages) - only blinks the Settings->Network window (there is no Reset button in DSL-connection menu). is this problem connected with Fedora 26 network setup, or with that the Internet-provider blocks the connection for Linux-users (in particular, for me) ? i would appreciate someones help in the Forum to resolve this issue-problem. Thanks.