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27th September 2017, 10:42 AM
Hi, i had Fedora 22 and it worked fine. i re-installed Fedora 26. there were problems during the installation process - error messages like "region is not supported" and many others. i finished the installation, and when i boot into Fedora 26 (from GRUB 2) then again a whole bunch of error messages appears. next, when i try to establish Network connection (via DSL), then it fails - in order to setup Network connection i used command "nm-connection-editor", where i had chosen DSL-connection, and then entered login and password, that were issued by the Internet-provider. i spoke to the Internet-provider people - they said that the problem is in Linux that is in Fedora 26. i would appreciate if someones in the Forum will help me to resolve this issue. Thanks.

27th September 2017, 04:26 PM
If the desktop (Gnome, MATE, etc) that you are using has a GUI network tool, you could try that instead of using nm-connection-editor. For example, the gnome tool (found in Settings / Network) has a Reset button.

Most errors that show up in the boot process can be ignored - they are often corrected later in the boot process. You can list errors by:

journalctl --boot --catalog --priority=err
If you think any of the errors are an indication of a real problem, you could post it here.