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8th September 2017, 08:40 PM
Hello All, do anything fun for Labor Day weekend?
Took me a few days, to figure out how to successfully use the USB media writer.

It's actually written on a 32 GB flash drive that I bought for my small Olympus point-and-shoot camera.
Don't worry, I backed up everything on my laptop hard drive…

Like a doofus, I downloaded the USB media writer… TO THAT SAME FLASH DRIVE! :doh::C
Now, when I went to look for it in "Windows Explorer"… The flash drive "was", partitioned and labeled as an extra hard drive storage space.
It's totally disappeared!

It doesn't show up in Windows Explorer anymore!:dis:

How do I reclaim my flashcard?!

Thanks in advance,


8th September 2017, 09:52 PM
mediawriter itself has an option to return a USB / memory card back to its native format (after the USB has been overwritten with an iso, making it bootable).