View Full Version : dnf removed Plasma group. No WiFi anymore.

Kolt Penny
7th September 2017, 02:45 AM
Howdy. I'm going step by step on what I did so maybe you could help me. I come from a Debian environment so be kind:


Hardware: Ideapad 520S, 7th gen core i5. No wired Ethernet interfaces to be seen.

1. I did a simple installation of Fedora 26 (LxQt spin). Then I installed Gnome, then Plasma, all of them via dnf. The latter installed 300+ packages. I ran Kde and didn't like it so, being a Debian user, I thought that dnf remove group package would remove what I installed. When I came back after hitting 'y' (I know, I know, terrible idea) I find out that dnf removed almost 560 packages. Including everything related to my wireless interfaces (except Bluetooth).

2. Research had to be done, so I did. Tried iwconfig, command not found. Tried iw, command not found. lspci says I have an Intel Wireless Dual something 3165 plus Bluetooth. So I go to Windows for all the rpms (wireless-tools, iw, crda or something like that). Install the rpms, problem solved... Right? No.

3. Back to Windows for the driver. Back to Fedora. My grub is giving me that look your gf gives you when you tell a bad joke. Put the tar file, the decompressed folder and the things contained in that folder just in case, all inside the /lib/firmware/ directory.

4. Still no luck.

I don't know what else is there to do. Can this system be saved?

7th September 2017, 08:02 AM
It may be possible, you would need to get online in some way. Have you tried ethernet, a cable to the modem? Then reinstall the desktop you want to use.

But it would probably be much quicker to just do a new installation.

7th September 2017, 09:31 AM
My grub is giving me that look your gf gives you when you tell a bad joke

brilliant phrase, ozjd is right about a reinstall being the best option. in future, if you want to try out different desktops, it may be easier to download the different Live ISO and boot from them separately. then you can establish which you like and want to use without messing up your system in the process.

get.fedoraproject.org - Workstation (GNOME 3)
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