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27th August 2017, 09:37 AM
Hello everyone,

Newbie here, I want to get started using linux based os, I've seen fedora in many labs of my uni so I decided to install it.
I've downloaded to a usb with a live version of it.
It worked fine, so I decided to start installation. Worked well with no problems. I restarted, entered my password and there you go, black screen with a mouse at the center. As I am writing this, the mouse disappeared.
I've seen in some posts that hardware might be a problem so I have intel i7 2600k and Nvidia gtx 960

Thanks in advance and sorry for reposting.

27th August 2017, 10:12 AM
hi, please try installing the nvidia driver instead of using opensource nouveau. instructions are here (https://rpmfusion.org/Howto/NVIDIA?highlight=%28CategoryHowto%29)

27th August 2017, 01:37 PM
Is there a way to boot into safe mode so I can login into my user and install it? Or is there another way to install the driver?

Sorry as I said im newbie in linux, still trying to figure it out.

27th August 2017, 11:31 PM
You might be able to login to your desktop if you specify "nouveau.noaccel=1" on the boot line. When the grub menu is displayed, press 'e' to edit the highlighted grub entry, then cursor down to the vmlinuz line, and add that boot parameter, and then boot (You can press 'b', I believe - instructions are at the bottom of the screen.)

You may also, at the black screen, be able to press CTL-ALT-F3 to get into a console. Login as root to attempt to repair your system. If you can do that, you could also press CTL-ALT-F4, CTL-ALT-F5, etc to open additional consoles, and also to switch back and forth between consoles.

29th August 2017, 03:47 AM
Is there a way to boot into safe mode so I can login into my user and install it?

Rather than safe mode, I would add 3 to kernel line as mentioned in post #4 above, and so boot to text mode and have the full power of the system, such as log in as root and run dnf, to download what is needed, such as the nvidia proprietary drivers.