View Full Version : Successful system upgrade from Fedora 24 to 26 with minor issues !

29th July 2017, 01:41 PM
Hi. Today I upgraded my Fedora 24 X64 bit Cinnamon edition to 26 !

Upgrade was very very O.K & straight forward ! I never expect this at all !

There are minor issues (& practically only one).

Let we see:

- RPMfusion repositories were only 3rd party repositories on my system before upgrade.

- upgrade done by DNF not by GNOME software center

- I used tty terminal not GUI terminal

- no any error message during upgrade process at all !!

- download size was 7.1 GB & it was my wrong. It was due to large sized data files of certain games that I installed on my system. It was better if I was uninstalling such games before upgrade. These games data files (Fight gear, Xonotic, Red ec lipase) were the most sever: example is 1.4 GB just data file of Fight gear !! Collectively they make about more than 3 GB.

It was my mistake to upgrade with these huge sized data files.

- process extended over 8 hrs. (from 1 AM to 9 AM Baghdad time). Download occupied about 7 & 1/2 hrs while installation & build about 1 & 1/4 hrs.

There was killer hr (from 5 AM to 6:10 AM) during which no electricity from national generater, but to my house from local generator. The problem is that ISP have no local generater & was using in this case a UPS cover for about 1 hr + 20 minutes !! This mean that I was just 10 minutes from destroying my primary laptop !!

After upgrade there was the following:

1) at launching system I received message inform me that one of panel applet that I installed by my self is incompitable & failed to launch. See screenshot 1 & 2. It is "Desktop Cupture". This is not error in upgrade process at all & will resolve by developer of this applet soon ....

2) I have jPDFTweak installed on my Fedora as a portable program & this need to create menu entry to launch it (create icon). It come with build in .ico file user should menually link to it. I already linked to it on Fedora 24. After upgrade .ico file is functional but not displayed correctly. I overcome this by link entry to other set of icon images also came inside this program. See screenshot 4, 5, 6

3) I had Rambox messenger already installed as portable program (Appimage). It's entry (icon) by default came to located under "office" !!! So, on Fedora 24 I edit it to locate it under "Internet". After upgrade to Fedora 24, default entry recreated & I had 2 entries in menu. I simply delete default one (within office).

All above are either not error in upgrade process itself or silly !

4) Now real - but minor issue - I'm left-handed user & already activated left handed user mouse support on Fedora 24. It was very O.K & effecting both mouse & touchpad (double touch & single touch).

After upgrade, left hand user mouse support NOT EFFECTIVE AT ALL NEITHER ON MOUSE NOR ON TOUCHPAD !!!!

Now mouse clicks are of right handed user & double touch of touch pad work as right click while single touch of touch pad works as left click (please not that both double touch & three touch are disabled by default from mouse setting). This position never altered by activating or deactivating of left mouse setting !!!

Please any one can help me to restore left hand user mouse setting ??

Best & thank you Fedora team for this great OS with such great system upgrade !!!

29th July 2017, 01:55 PM