View Full Version : Raspberry Pi video issues

28th July 2017, 03:27 AM
Trying to run Fedora on my Raspbery Pi but cannot complete the boot process due to video issues. I have tried wit RPi connected to an hd tv and also my desktop monitor.
When connected to the tv, the video output overscans and looses the first 6 - 10 characters of each line of output, making it impossible to complete the initial configuration.

When connected to my ViewSonic monitor, booting begins and the output appears correct but after a few seconds the screen goes dark and soon shows 'No input signal'. I have waited very long times but it never comes back.

I have both a Pi2 and a Pi3 and have tried both F25 and F26 always with same results. Also,have tried Minimal, server and workstation downloads, all with same results.

Both Pis are fine and the micro sd cards (Samsung EVO 32 gb) are ok as Raspian and Centos will run on both.

Any suggestions to tweak the sd image or other fixes to get it to boot?

28th July 2017, 09:22 AM
You might get more purchase from the mailing list:
Peter Robinson replies there.