View Full Version : Printer: Samsung SL-C460FW Install

17th April 2017, 10:46 PM
To get this laser printer and scanner to work you will need the drive called ULD. Grab it from here http://www.samsung.com/us/support/owners/product/wireless-color-multifunction-printer-xpress-w-fax-c460


Then open the terminal and:

cd /pathtowherefileis
sudo sh install.sh

Skip the contract until item number 10, if you skip number 10 you will cancel the installation, I guess they really wanted you to read that contract. :C This install will also fail if the permissions of the file you downloaded are not set to read access to you, which happens if you restore a user files backup from another linux distribution upon your current one.


Then go to gnome settings window > Printer > add printer. If the printer does not shows, restart it, restart the printer manager and also ensure the printer is connected to your current wi-fi network. You will know it worked only when the printer appears with an IP address for adding, without the IP address but instead a "localhost" then it does not matter if it shows.


If at Simplescan it uses your webcam instead of the printer, then the printer was not added properly, or if it is, wait a while after starting the application before scanning.

You can access the printer manager using firefox by typing the current printer IP, you can set a static IP to make things easier.

Note: The printer will not work without this driver. Regardless if the printer shows at gnome printer manager