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17th April 2017, 06:00 PM

This is a quick hint. I have a maxprint mini keyboard and an Logitech MX Anywhere mouse, all bluetooth. If you go to bluetooth configurations and it is not even making an effort at scaning (no scanning icon), you may need to install this package:


Upgrading your kernel, using systemctl bluetooth, and other terminal bluetooth (power, scan, etc) magic did not worked. No errors where reported.

You can install it from the terminal with yum install or install yum-extender and do it graphically. This is a issue which goes beyond just Fedora and probably belongs to gnome itself.

I also noticed the following, I had to add the keyboard first, otherwise, if the mouse was added first, I could never get the "enter PIN code on keyboard" window.


It is said the hid to hci stuff was meant for low consumption bluetooth devices, which due to that would not be recognized properly (I do not know why).

Have a good day.

18th April 2017, 06:13 PM
Well, the problem with bluetooth returned. I installed this time the following to (hopefully) fix this for good.


I read about it here:

Perhaps the packages are not a solution, and at instal time just reset something at bluez which makes it work again for a while. If this is true, it would help if I figure out how such "reset" is done, because normal command line solutions do not work...