View Full Version : GNOME apps not showing Window Manager borders

21st February 2017, 05:08 PM
Hello guys,

I am on Xfce, and if I run any GNOME app, the Window Manager (borders) is not shown.

How to get it working ? Maybe there is a way to force it ?
Interestingly, I can move the windows around by just clicking on the menu section, but it's all just odd, besides the PDF viewer somehow takes the max value of the X/Windows driver, and not of the screen, so if you have 2 monitors attached with Panning on, it always zooms to 230% by default. lol.

22nd March 2017, 06:01 PM
I also use xfce and gnome apps act the same way for me. I looked in xfce settings appearance, window manager tweaks, and in gnome-tweak-tool and find no way to change that. Interesting there are a few exceptions; gparted and gnome password generator both have side and bottom borders on my machine.