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7th January 2005, 03:48 AM
I have a problem with my tv card, and i think i found a solution, but i'm new to linux.. been using computers since 1988, master at DOS and Windows, but this linux stuff is somewhat foreign to me. anyways, this is what i found, but could someone please tell me what this means, and how i am supposed to use it..

i am using kernel 2.6.9-1.724_FC3 on an AMD 64 processor ,


> By static, I mean that when watching tvtime, I hear white-noise. Before
> running any of these updates, I heard nothing at all. I should also
> mention that I'm applying these directly to my linux-2.6.6 tree, and
> compiling from there.

Ok, did You try changing values of modprobe parameters for tda9887 (useful
options are port1, port2, qss)?

If this does not help try changing gpio values in the v4l sources for tv in
MSI section from:


> I'm trying to get TV audio (instead of static) to work. I have a sense
> that I'm on the right track, the 'static' skips when I change channels,
> and I can use tvtime to raise and lower the volume on the 'static'. I
> tried the patch you sent, but still get that same white-noise.

IMHO it's problem with tda9887 module parameters - I had similar issues, valid
values of those parameters are 0 or 1, for me port1=0, port2=0, and qss=1 do
work, but it does not have to match Your standard. Try to modprobe tda9887
before cx8800.

Thanks again