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8th October 2016, 11:05 PM
As of Fedora 24, yumex and yum-deprecated were removed from the official ISOs and repositories.

raveit65 has compiled a full set of yumex packages (yum-deprecated is installed as a dependency) and uploaded them to COPR (https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/raveit65/yumex/) where he maintains them. there's also a modified version of mintmenu* that negates the yumex-dnf dependency and allows removal of yumex-dnf.

to install them you need to open a terminal window and issue the following commands:

1. Add the COPR repository

sudo dnf copr enable raveit65/yumexYou will be asked first for your password, secondly if you want to proceed and take responsibility for any changes the packages make to your system (they aren't officially supported).

2. Install the packages:

sudo dnf install yumex3. Optionally, remove yumex-dnf if present on your system. I do this from within yumex and make sure 'Clean Unused Requirements' is selected so dependencies surplus to requirements after it's removal goes with it. yumex-dnf (https://github.com/timlau/yumex-dnf#23-03-2017-yumex-dnf-is-no-longer-under-active-development) is no longer being developed unless someone else takes the project over

*mintmenu has been replaced by the mate-menu (advanced menu ported from ubuntuMATE which is a GTK+3 version of mint menu) package for F25 onwards.

26th March 2017, 09:16 PM
stuck because yumex-dnf has been abandoned so this guide is even more relevant now