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5th September 2016, 11:31 AM
I can't seem to find a Mate forum that's not distro specific that's actually active...
I've got Mate 1.14 on this Fedora 24 laptop and evidently the temporary fix they came up with that installs with an update in Ubuntu-Mate 16.04 w/1.14 hasn't made it into everyone else's Mate 1.14.
I know what caused the issue, and I know what they did to fix it, but I'm unable to fix it myself. I guess I'm gonna have to wait til Mate devs do a permanent fix or someone does a patch.

Is there a forum where Fedora users who run the Mate desktop hang out?

I tried Fedora back in '12 or '13 and I don't recall why I went back to Ubuntu. Fedora works perfectly on this Lenovo Z50-75 laptop while Ubuntu-Mate 16.04 had major issues with it.

Incidentally...what happened to the beautiful Grub menu Fedora had 3 years ago?