View Full Version : Build docky without reflection effect

30th August 2016, 12:26 PM
Just a few commandline to build docky without reflection effect in fedora 24:
the first step:
run the command: su -c 'dnf builddep docky'
step 2:
next command: bzr branch lp:docky
step 3:
open file DockWindow.cs in the folder : ~/docky/Docky/Docky/Interface/ ,using gedit or any strong text edit,search for keyworld : "expensive" ,and then comment out the reflection part, that looks like this:

if (ThreeDimensional) {
if (item is SeparatorItem) {
center = center.MoveIn (Position, -DockHeightBuffer);
/*} else {
double offset = 2 * Math.Max (Math.Abs (val.Center.X - center.Center.X), Math.Abs (val.Center.Y - center.Center.Y));
offset -= .07 * IconSize * renderZoom;
icon.ShowAsReflection (surface, center.Center, renderZoom, renderRotation, opacity, offset, Position);*/

save the file and begin next step
step 4:
next command : su -c 'ls -s /usr/bin/mcs /usr/bin/gmcs'
step 5:
4 command end and you ready to run docky : cd docky
su (and type password)
make install
step 6:
alt + f2 and type docky and now ejoy!