View Full Version : F23 - Mate Menu Editing - mate-panel doesn't display on next login

31st December 2015, 06:38 PM
F23 - Mate Spin - After adding a menu item to the mate menu (Applications Places System), mozo creates a ~/.local/share/applications/mozo-made.desktop file. Log out of mate session and log back in and the mate-panel doesn't display. I right click on the desktop and can bring up a terminal (though, it lacks window decorations - marco wm must not be executing as well.)

Remove the ~/.local/share/applications/mozo-made.desktop file and log back in and the mate-panel displays and all is ok again.

Anyone else see this? Or something else I did unrelated?

31st December 2015, 08:54 PM
So, I decided to install the Mint Menu (mintmenu-5.6.5-1.fc23). But - no happiness setting preferences. Clicking preferences for the Mint Menu does nothing after adding the Mint Menu to the mate panel. Nothing logged to session-errors either.

1st January 2016, 02:53 AM
I can only guess what happened to cause the panel to disappear, but menu maintenance in Linux is a kludge.

In addition to the new *.desktop file, you should find a corresponding entry in .config/menu/mate-applications.menu. Possibly that menu got corrupted. Try logging out, toggle to a console or log in as root, and then delete the menu and *.desktop file. Hopefully that restores the panel and you can try again adding a menu item.

If you add a top menu (folder) the corresponding *.desktop file will be stored in .local/share/desktop-directories.

I have a custom MATE menu with three new top menus: Lists, Projects, and Super User. I created this menu structure years ago with KDE 3, long before I started using MATE. I do not recall KDE 3 creating generic names like mozo-made.desktop, which is pretty lame.

I do not know of a way in MATE to change the name of the mozo-made.desktop file that also changes or updates the menu file. Likely after you create the new menu item you will have to manually edit the files to name them to something that makes sense. The sane method of creating new menu items would be to automatically name the *.desktop file the same as the Name= entry within the *desktop file, which is what KDE 3 did.

I use the simple MATE menu rather than the menu bar, which you are using. You might want to try that menu option to see whether you have better luck with creating new menu items. A caveat with the simple menu is the menu tends to open slowly the first couple of times using the menu in each new session. To my knowledge, MATE is not designed with any kind of icon caching for the menus.