View Full Version : Compiz changes with 0.8.10

21st December 2015, 12:41 PM
changes with Compiz-0.8.10

- all old start scripts + menu entries are removed
- there is only one menu entry called compiz-start which starts compiz with the selected decorator in config.
- For starting compiz with session management use only 'compiz'.
Example Mate:

$ gsettings set org.mate.session.required-components windowmanager
- Decorator theme changes in mate-control-center will be honored by new mate-window-decorator python script (mwd)
- all switches between window-managers and decorators can be done with fusion-icon, i sugguest to use the (-n) option to start fusion icon.
- gtk-decorator (mwd) works now with gtk3 (otional)
I will provide a gtk3 version in Mate's gtk3 repo the next days.

Well, that's it
Beside from changes with the old scripts the update should be seemless.

Have fun ;)