View Full Version : vendor daemon looping in F22. Works fine in F21

10th December 2015, 04:57 PM
This is a generic query: I depend on IBM System z emulation software zPDT (I'm a z/OS guy). This software comes with a usb key from which licenses are read by means of a Sentinel Safenet daemon. The emulation software is a piece of art, the license server software not so much. The daemon typically consumes between 3 and 6% of CPU continuously.
The keys server daemon does however work on all Fedora releases so far, besides Fedora 22. When I started the emulation software the keys server daemon started consuming (on a 4 core) about 200% of cpu and never returned the licenses, making my emulation software unusable.

This sentinel_keys_server package depends on bash, bash on its turn depends on ncurses-libs and glibc.

As I turned back to Fedora 21 in order to be able to use the emulation software again I am unable to do any more debugging, or maybe in a VM.

Are there any other products that misbehave in F22 with similar dependencies?

15th December 2015, 09:46 AM
What's going on here?? Who is "DorisTodd"? I (MarcvdM) posted this thread several months ago...