View Full Version : Fedora 23 fresh install black screen after log in

18th November 2015, 09:03 PM
So like many I have 750ti and after doing a fresh install to fedora 23, I boot up and log in perfectly fine however after I am logged in and should be taken to my home screen all I get is a black screen, and neither my keyboard nor mouse works. Any help is greatly appreciated.

19th November 2015, 07:43 PM
I have the same problem.

I tried Ctl-Alt-F2 to start X11...
This helped but it's not the way how it should work...

19th November 2015, 10:06 PM
For the time being I have just thrown my old ati 4550 in my desktop till there is a solid fix for this issue, or I break down and buy an r9 380..... Whichever comes first. Because I can't go on with out my desktop, I am addicted.....